Flyback “transformer” is NOT COUPLED INDUCTORS
The objective of this article is to correct two fundamental mistakes most POWER ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS make with following claims: Flyback
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Direct 48V to 1V, 200A uP Drive
Microprocessor Fast Load Current Changes The microprocessors and SoC Integrated Circuits impose very demanding large and fast load current changes
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Biggest Impact: Devices or Magnetics?
Comments on Rap Session 1 at APEC 2018 The Rap Sessions 1 last year concluded that “we have all the
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Coupled-Inductor SEPIC converter
Perfectly Coupled-Inductor SEPIC converter Reduces to WHICH Converter? Analysis of Equivalent Circuit Transformations by Professor Slobodan Ćuk Perfectly Coupled-Inductor SEPIC
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What Comes First: Devices or Topology
Topologies Comparison Present Power Electronics Systems are built upon and resemble an INVERTED pyramid which is by definition unsustainable and
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